Friday, March 27, 2015

With Malice Toward One Review

I got to read "With Malice Toward One for free and do a honest book review. This is a graphic novel by Mike Person. Then I first downloaded the book and saw the cover I did not know what to expect the young man with on the front with a red demon on the cover kind of through me off but I jump in and started to read.

I had never read a graphic novel before and I found that I really like it. I have always had a soft place in my heart for comic book and I love history and it novel does a great job of giving me both with a fun mix of the two. The novel is about the assassination of president Lincoln and I learned new thing about it that I did not know. I allowed my middle school daughter read this book and she loved it so much more fun to learn from this book that the ones she uses at school. I know that graphic novels will never be used as school books but this book is a great way to get your child to read and learn at the same time.
Colore by Brighten Your Life 26 Premium Drawing Set. I got this product free in exchange for a review and blog post with my opinion. I have a very artsy fartsy daughter that loves to draw so she was more than willing to help my product test this set.
I have never found anything like this in the store. This is a professional drawing set with graphite and charcoal sticks in for shading that can be used for shading and rough sketching. Then you can pick from 12 different size graphite pencils or 4 different size charcoal pencils. I have never even seen charcoal pencils before ( they are the black ones on the far right). Add to that the 2 sharpners and the 2 types of erasers and this kit makes my budding artist daughter a happy camper.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Written on her heart book review

I got to read for free Pagie Rion book "Written on her heart" and a review. I love to read good book and this book kept me reading all the way through. The female lead is a writer that gets a dream job with a famous author and starts to have feeling for him while have a long time boy friend. The is a romance with out graphic sex scene in it so it would appeal to many reader. Worth the read.

Professional Pet Deshedding & Grooming Tool Review

I got the Professional Pet Deshedding & Grooming Tool for free from to Review and post my true feeling of this product. The unit has a detachable head so you can buy additional heads for short pet hair combing. I got long hair comb to try and I love that it has a (hair pusher), that allows me to clean off the hair from the comb.
My cat did not like the comb when she first saw it. I have not combed her it the past so this was a new thing for her, but she let me comb away.
After I do gone combing her she was a happy kitty. She love the comb now and starts to purr when I start to comb. I like that I can keep those nasty hairballs from forming around her neck and decrease all the cat hair around the house.

Pure Whey Protein Isolate Review.

I got to sample Pure Whey Protein Isolate Powder for free and give a honest review for the product. I found out that it is: - 100% Whey Protein Isolate - Lactose free - Non-Gmo - Kosher - Fat free - 110 calories per serving
I make a smooth out of it with milk and I liked the taste. It is a very good protein powder with out the fat that other powder on the market have. I also like that I can get it in pre measured packs so that I can better control my calories by not over using the powder.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Great Green Tea

I got to try and review for free Organic Matcha- Green Tea Powder by Kissme Organics.

I opened me back and was not expecting the powder to be so Green! It is a fine tea powder and smells  so good I can imagine that I am standing in a tea house. 

I decided to make a green tea latte as my first drink so I heated up some water and mixed a tea spoon full in the cup with some creamer. 
I love the green tea at Starbucks but let me tell you the tea that I just make at home was so much better than any green tea that Starbucks ever could make. It has the fresher taste just like I had picked the leaver myself and I had so much energy the rest of the day. I am now a customer.

Fogless Mirror Rewiew.

I got this product for free to try and review. The mirror comes with a stainless steel hook that you stick to your shower with the sticky pad. This sticks very well to my shower wall and the steel is a nice look. The mirror was larger than I thought it was going to be and is a nice oval size. I turned the shower on hopped in and let it run as I washed my hair and the mirror preformed at promised with no fog at all. I do not know if you can tell in the picture below but the hot water is running in front of the mirror and see no fog .