Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Professional Pet Deshedding & Grooming Tool Review

I got the Professional Pet Deshedding & Grooming Tool for free from to Review and post my true feeling of this product. The unit has a detachable head so you can buy additional heads for short pet hair combing. I got long hair comb to try and I love that it has a (hair pusher), that allows me to clean off the hair from the comb.
My cat did not like the comb when she first saw it. I have not combed her it the past so this was a new thing for her, but she let me comb away.
After I do gone combing her she was a happy kitty. She love the comb now and starts to purr when I start to comb. I like that I can keep those nasty hairballs from forming around her neck and decrease all the cat hair around the house.