Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Premium Zester/Grater!!!

I have have never had any luck with grades I have owned  it the past. They have always be made of cheap metals that start to rust after a few washes and then in the trash they go. I was glad to be able to try this stainless steel premium grader for free for an unbiased review.

I love that when I took it out of the box it had a plastic cover that help to protect the shaft!

Here is a list of all the great of this grader can do:

- Grate Parmesan cheese over soups and salads
- Add chocolate garnish to a chocolate-drizzled angel food cake
- Mince hot peppers to make a spicy guacamole for game day
- Grate lemons, limes, and oranges to add zest to pesto sauce, dressing, pound cake, and more
- Create an enticing marinade for seafood, chicken, and meat
And the best part is, the Best Premium Zester Grater is safe, easy-to-use, and a breeze to clean up!
- Super thick handle for a safe, comfortable grip - it just "feels right"!
- Extra long, 8 inch stainless steel blade means your zest is the perfect length every time!
- Toss it into the dishwasher when you're done for easy clean up!
- Durable, built-to-last design is backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I feel that this is the best grader I have ever owned and it would make a great gift for anyone who cooks! So it has earned an OK Buy J!